Registration for driving license

How your future driving instructor feels and whether he suits you cannot be determined by flyer, fax, telephone or on this website. In order to get a well-founded impression, a personal conversation or, better still, the direct, personal experience of the driving instructor when attending a theory lesson helps. We therefore invite you to a free trial visit to a theory session! Simply register with us using the form below to attend a theory lesson free of charge (you can find the dates under theory / dates ). You do not enter into any obligations, but you are already a theory lesson closer to your driving license - so this lesson is not wasted time for you! If you like the driving instructor and his style, you can register after the guest lesson (or before the 2nd theory lesson). Talk to the driving instructor, he will hand you the necessary forms and discuss them with you. Fill it out, sign it and hand it in at the next theory or driving lesson. Only then is the registration binding. You can register by phone, online with the following registration form or simply come by for a theory lesson. Phone : 253 268 98 Radio: 0171 344 63 44

Here you can register for a driver's license